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The Reflector, Absorber and Radiator

The reflector is incoceivable without ist surroundings. It is not the centerpiece but rather part of a whole, because it receives its spirit and the continually changing appearance of its surface from without.

In spite of this changeability it possesses a unique, utterly unmistakeable character that constantly makes us aware of the relationship between the inner and the outer.

The radiance of the external world strikes the surface of
the reflector, penetrates into its inner world and represents it as a part of itself to the external world again.

This image filtered by its own inwardness is only possible
if each reflector is an absorber at the same time. Each reflector utilizes a part of the incoming light for itself by transforming it into usable energy. By means of this energy the reflector is not only able to reflect the greater portion of the incoming radiant energies and thereby displays the transformed energy on its surface that serves as an absorber, but it is also able to radiate out the energy obtained in this
way into its surroundings as a contribution of creative form.

The reflector is an installation, an object is its concentrated essence.


Wolfgang Robbe, 1990

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